Yesterday was the end of a #crazybusyfun weekend at Great Outdoor Days from good ole Bass Pro Shops. Attendance was soaring this year with over 1,000 boy scouts, tens of thousands of attendees, and a few pups we were dying to adopt as booth mascots. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

The Boy Scouts were dressed to the nines. They had opportunity to win prizes at the end if they got signatures at each booth...needless to say, we gave out a ton of autographs.

This lucky troop even got a little something extra thanks to our fearless leaders Tag & Amanda. "Here's our Gear Guide. Go home, study the repairs and the related products, come back tomorrow for a little quiz." Guess what. Those scouts from Troop 70 showed up first thing Sunday morning, excited for the test. Correct answer after correct answer, we couldn't stump them! See studying pays off, they all got prizes.

Thanks for visiting & great job boys! Troop 70 out of Carl Junction, MO included:

  • Max Bremmerkamp – Eagle Scout
  • Brandon Claussen – Eagle Scout
  • Brent Corner – Tenderfoot
  • Dylan William – Tenderfoot
  • Nick Lashly – Life Scout
  • Dennis Watson (obviously behind the camera!) – Scout Master for 23 years

Just like any good event, we gave out stickers. Lots of stickers. These two boys were probably long lost twins. Without counting can you guess who has more stickers?

Yep, blue shirt wins! But only by one, can you believe it?!

One little kid was so cute with his sticker acquisition. "Here, take a few of them." "Really?! What should I do with them?" Haha. I think we all know how excited kids are to put stickers on to anything, everything in sight. Luckily that cute little kid didn't happen to see one of our potential booth mascots: Max.

Isn't Max cute? (Rhetorical question!)

He was found in a gutter when he was a pup, rescued and needed eye surgery. Poor Max is blind because of it, but he's as happy as a clam with a phenomenal sense of smell.

Thanks to Bass Pro Shops for the invite and everyone that came out to see us, we hope you make some stellar repairs with our samples!


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