Introducing lights and power like you’ve never seen before.

GEAR AID® by McNett®

After 35 years of making gear better, we’re excited to launch something totally different. Not tape. Not glue. Power stations, rechargeable LED lights, and compatible mounts that are tools for the outdoors. These electronics are powerful, hard-working and weatherproof. They will charge your gadgets and shed light where you need. Check out the new line of lights, mounts and accessories.

We make gear better, adventures bigger, and the outside yours.

Outside is where the best memories are made. Moments worth saving because you had the right tools, the best of friends, and the heart to see it through. Whether it’s sharing stories around the campfire, reeling in a trophy bass, charging a fresh powder field, hiking through national parks, exploring the underwater world of historic shipwrecks, or throwing a backyard party, McNETT can help make it great.

These moments are what drive us to make reliable products that go the distance: glue that outlasts your boots, patches that never peel away, water repellents that work, and portable electronics that give you light and power for days.

If your life looks anything like ours, McNETT is in your pack — so that whatever’s ahead of you, you can own it and make outside yours.

The well known repair and care products from McNett Europe are still available on