/ Who we are

Just when you think your outdoor gear has failed and is on its last leg—a wetsuit ripped after miles of underwater exploration, a jacket snagged while climbing up a mountain, or a pair of fins exhausted from heavy use in the punishing salt water—we’re here to help you get it back in fighting shape for your next round of adventures.

We like to think of failure as growth and as an opportunity to tell a story of where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced. The patched-up hole in your waders is when you were fishing in Bighorn River and slipped on a rock when you were after that elusive catch. The stitching on the top of your tent isn’t an imperfection, it’s a memory of the time it hailed on your trip to Zion and you had to cover the giant hole up with jackets just to keep dry until morning.

We aim to empower all outdoor lovers to commit to your gear long-term—not only for the stories, but for the benefit of the earth itself. That’s why we teach you how to seal, clean, and patch every last bit of outdoor gear that you own, keeping it in your pack and out of the landfill.

So, here’s to your journey in the great outdoors—may it be restorative, long-lasting, and may we come along with you to make it easier.


/ Mission


Preservation, reuse, and the spirit of renewal is at the core of our mission and it’s why we have products you can use to fill that hole in your tent, patch up the leak in your waders, and clean the salt water out of your wetsuit. We want to empower and educate the everyday adventurer to use our DIY and care products to refresh and repair your gear. Most importantly, we want to help extend the life of each outdoor gear you own.

We also know that over time, your gear becomes part of your story: When you work and play outdoors, your gear can certainly go through it—and every gash, scrape, tear, and fade that’s been repaired shows where you’ve been and what you’ve overcome.

/ HQ

Bellingham, WA

The GEAR AID USA headquarters is in Bellingham, Washington, located 52 miles south of Vancouver, Canada and 90 miles north of Seattle. Bellingham is a small town with big outdoor opportunities. Hiking the coast of Bellingham Bay, fishing at North Puget Sound, snowboarding down the white-capped Cascade mountains, and sailing around the San Juan islands are all a possibility right in our own backyard. 

The Pacific Northwest is the perfect testing environment for all of our products. It’s where we can try out just how much rain our waterproofing tools can handle (about 36 inches annually!) and see how well our patches and seams can stand up to the unpredictable elements of the hiking trails.

/ Education

We’re here to help

GEAR AID has everything you need to stock your toolbox to care, repair and refresh your outdoor gear – but that’s not where our story ends. We will be there every step of the way in repairing your gear through our blog, instructional videos, and Customer Service team. Whether you need help locating a leak in your raft, an adhesive isn’t quite working the way you expected it to, or you’re unsure about how to launder your waterproof rain jacket, we’re happy to assist you. We’re here to help keep your gear alongside you on every adventure that you take whether it’s underwater, on a mountaintop, or in the woods.

/ Jobs

Come work here

Passionate about the outdoors? Interested in working with DIYers who enjoy restoring and fixing gear? Want to relocate to Bellingham? We’re always looking for hard-working, talented folks who share our vision of empowering people to repair their gear and extend its lifecycle.

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