Light it up with the newest GEAR AID Paracord

GEAR AID expands its paracord line with the launch of the Fire Strand 550 Paracord. This multipurpose tool is now available in coyote color and offers 50 ft of cordage for use as a clothesline, tie-down, or fire-starter. The suggested retail price is $11.95.

When you need more than a clothesline at camp use the Fire Strand 550 Paracord. Designed with seven inner strands plus a flammable “paratinder” cord, this 50 ft cord tackles simple, yet critical jobs. Take it camping or hunting to hang clothes, tension tarps, make a shoelace, or start a fire. The coyote color brings a camouflage flair that is noticeable, yet subtle. Paired with its sturdy and rustproof carabiner, conveniently attach this paracord and other outdoor gear to rucksacks, MOLLE systems, and more (the carabiner and 550 Fire Strand are not for climbing).

The heavy-duty, 100% nylon cord can be unraveled to reveal the eighth wax-coated fire strand. The seven strands can also be used as a fishing line, thread, or floss. Plus, it can be cut to size as an adjustable cord for DIY face masks. "We're excited to add another multipurpose product to the GEAR AID paracord line,” says Cheriss Faiola, marketing and PR manager. She adds, “Our customers are resourceful, and the Fire Strand gives them yet another tool for the outdoors.”

The Fire Strand 550 Paracord is now available at select retailers and online. It is the latest addition to the GEAR AID Adventure Tools collection, which also includes paracord in a variety of sizes, colors, and lengths (i.e., 325, 30 ft and 100 ft). Check out the complete GEAR AID line of paracord by visiting