Rebranding reveals new names and eco-friendly packaging 

GEAR AID launches a fresh, new look to its product line and combines multiple sub-brands into one. MEssentials and Outgo products are now part of GEAR AID. This brings dive, watersports and outdoor care and repair products together under four collections: Aquasure adhesives, Seam Grip sealants, Revivex cleaners and water repellents, and Tenacious Tape patches. GEAR AID knives, towels, and lights will fall within Adventure Tools. Product names and packaging have been updated to make it easier for consumers to select the right product for their gear repair and renewal needs. With these changes, GEAR AID continues to empower people to make gear last longer using their own hands in the field or at home.

While GEAR AID’s extensive product line has been refined and repackaged, the products themselves remain the same. “Aquaseal, Seam Grip, Tenacious Tape, and Revivex are tried and true favorites,” says Clark Campbell, GEAR AID president. “These products have been the go-to answers to gear problems for decades. We want to build on that legacy, grow the collections, and continue to make it easier for people to find solutions.”

Beyond the product re-structuring and redesign, GEAR AID aims to reduce its carbon footprint by using more eco-friendly packaging. For example, the new Revivex pouches contain less plastic than regular bottles, resulting in less waste. “We care about the environment,” says Sean Fields, VP, Brand. “We want to keep gear performing while decreasing the amount of packaging that goes to the landfill.” GEAR AID’s rebrand goals are to simplify the buying process for consumers searching for a reliable fix to outerwear and gear failures, and simultaneously reducing waste through innovative packaging. 

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