GEAR AID, an award-winning manufacturer long synonymous with outdoor adventure, has partnered with Seattle-based RAM Mounts to offer three-piece mount kits for GEAR AID’s new battery-powered LED lights and power packs. With the RAM Mounts unique ball and socket technology, people have an easy-to-use and fully adjustable mounting technology for their gear. Kits include the 1-inch Tough-Ball, Double Socket Arm and one of the following bases: Tough-Claw, magnetic, suction cup or drill down.

Designed to enhance the GEAR AID light and power pack experience, this comprehensive line of mounts and adapters let users mount the light virtually anywhere — on the car, in the boat, to the cooler or even to themselves.

“We wanted to bring GEAR AID lights to new environments and be a versatile tool,“ said Sean Fields, GEAR AID VP of Creative. “By leveraging RAM’s 20 years of expertise developing quality mounting products, partnering with RAM was the right fit for our rechargeable lights — enabling them to perform reliably in a variety of settings.”

“We are stoked to see all of the adventures that people can now experience with the GEAR AID lights and RAM Mounts,” said Aaron Hersey, RAM Mounts VP of Marketing. “RAM Mounts strives to deliver a mounting solution for any environment or use that people can experience.”

GEAR AID and RAM Mounts, two Pacific Northwest brands backed collectively by half a century of business experience, are excited for the future. Their light and mount kits promise to offer perfect lighting indoors and outdoors.

About RAM Mounts 

RAM stands for Round-A-Mount and was introduced in 1992. RAM products have quickly become an essential mounting component for a wide variety of applications including rugged vehicle, industrial, military and defense, and material handling. RAM offers a diverse, patent-protected product line including mounting bases and complete kits manufactured in the USA.

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