Stand-up pouch contains less plastic than bottle packaging

GEAR AID introduces new, pouch packaging for its line of Revivex water repellents and wash treatments. The pouches contain less plastic than traditional bottle packaging. The change is part of GEAR AID’s latest rebrand efforts to modernize packaging for clarity and functionality. By using stand-up pouches for its gear renewal formulas, GEAR AID is breaking the mold in using innovative packaging with a reusable cap. All of this is aimed at reducing waste and GEAR AID’s carbon footprint.

Revivex water repellents and cleaners by GEAR AID are now available in a compact 10 fl oz pouch. The updated packaging is meant to meet the needs of modern consumers. Millennial shoppers in particular want products with attractive packaging that is eco-friendly, convenient, and portable. The sleek Revivex pouches contain less plastic than bottles and come with a re-sealable cap that doubles as a measurement tool. The flexible design also makes it easy to use every drop of Revivex formula. Similarly, the lightweight pouches can ship in greater quantities, and the stand-up feature allows the pouch to be displayed simply on shelves in homes and at retailers’ stores.

“Replacing the bulky bottles and using standup, pourable pouches popularized in the food industry just made sense,” says Ray Klein, design director, Product Development. “Requiring less plastic, these pouches are user-friendly and reduce waste without sacrificing product effectiveness.” While the packaging has changed, the same reliable Revivex formulas that bring jackets, sleeping bags and other gear back to life remains the same.