Congratulations to our friends at the North Cascades Institute. This year marks the Silver Anniversary of their Mountain School program! During the last 25 years, the non-profit institute has introduced 26,000 Northwest kids, and counting, to 2 million acres of largely unseen, protected lands in one of the grandest stretches of wilderness remaining in the Lower 48 states.

For many of these children, it is their first introduction to nature, with many of them spending nights away from home for the first time. It's an experience that leaves mountain air embedded in their hearts for a lifetime. Mountain School's official task is to put people and nature together and stand back in awe watching what happens. 

We're a strong supporter of that mission and have donated over $24,000 in outdoor gear to the North Cascades Institute in support of getting kids outside. As a mater of fact, every fifth-grade student in Bellingham (the same town we live and work in) spends three days attending Mountain School. Like NCI, we believe this program makes a big difference in not only the children's lives but with conservation efforts elsewhere.

To help celebrate this milestone, we've created special repair patches in unique and fun shapes that kids will enjoy. Unlike other stickers for kids, these unique patches utilize our Tenacious Tape adhesive and fabric to ensure the patch stays put permanently.  

Thank you to North Cascades Institute for everything you do to get kids outside and introduce them to nature. Congratulations on your Silver Anniversary!

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