We just wrapped up another successful Repair Day with North Cascades Institute (NCI)! Every year we shoot for a nice Friday afternoon to meet up with our friends from NCI. They bring a year’s worth of damaged and busted gear from their youth leadership and education programs and we spend the afternoon making repairs to outdoor gear and teaching NCI leaders how to make the repairs themselves.

This year we planned on a full afternoon, but had nowhere near the same amount of repairs as last year. The reason why? After last year’s training session and donation of repair items, NCI staff was able to keep up with field repairs as they happened. In addition, much of the gear that we donated last year was still fairly new and NCI staff was able to maintain it with a little help from Revivex and the rest of the GEAR AID line-up.

We had a great time catching up with our friends while making repairs to broken zippers, ripped stuff stacks, torn pants and other damaged gear.

After the repairs were completed, we presented NCI with over $2,000 in backpacking gear including sleeping bags, kitchen tools, camping towels, repair items and more. To-date, McNett has donated over $24,000 in outdoor gear to the NCI Gear Locker in support of our Take a Kid Outside initiative.

For more information about NCI and their youth education and leadership programs, please visit: http://ncascades.org/discover/north-cascades-institute.