After 35 years of making gear better, we're excited to launch something totally different. Not tape. Not glue. Power stations, rechargeable LED lights, and compatible mounts that are tools for the outdoors. These electronics are powerful, hard-working and weatherproof. They will charge your gadgets and shed light where you need. Check out our line of lights, mounts and accessories.

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Introducing Lights and Power

Light your tasks. Power your entertainment. Our new Power Stations and Rechargeable LED Lights give you big muscle in a compact and portable form. They mount virtually anywhere, hang from a tree, and quickly change into a lantern. Whether your looking for a cool little light, or monster power, we’ve got you covered.


Small Light, Big Features

Our new go anywhere light, the SPARK™ LED Light is smaller than a wallet and weighs less than a cell phone. It’s a bright white light that’s dimmable, water-resistant, and quickly changes into a hanging lantern. Unlike other lights, you can hang it, mount it and angle it to illuminate your task. Change a tire. Build a fire. Set-up camp. The best part is it’ll recharge from any USB port, so grab your cord and ditch the spare batteries.

Great For Hanging Around

Transform it into a hanging lantern with the included diffuser bag and hang hooks to create a nice, soft glow.

Bring It With You Anywhere

At just 4 oz, it’s compact enough to bring anywhere —pack it in a bag, slide it in your pocket, or keep it in your car. 

SPARK Highlights

160 Lumens

5-25hr Run Time

Drop Tested



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Playful and Powerful

From the backyard to the lake, this workhorse can go everywhere. The ARC™ Light and Power Station is built with 60 LEDs, USB charging, and a 10,400mAh battery giving you light and power for days. It’ll weather any storm, transform into a lantern, and fit in your bag. Best of all, you don't have to strap it to your head for hands-free lighting. Hang it, angle it or mount it for 180° of lighting for any task or adventure.

It's A Powerhouse

The 10,400mAh battery and high-speed USB output recharge phones, tablets, speakers, cameras, and more.

Set The Mood

Three color temps and fully adjustable brightness provide the perfect lighting for any occasion.

ARC Highlights

320 Lumens

8-96hr Run Time

5 iPhone Charges



SOS Feature

Big Power, Burly Package

When you need more power, look to the FLUX™ Light and Power Station. The beast is loaded with 20,800mAh battery power, 82 LEDs and adjustable range of up to 640 lumens. At full bore, it’ll light up your vehicle, campsite or task, while charging your gadgets via a high-speed USB port. Change the vibe with three different color settings, and hang it, mount it or angle it for 180-degrees of high-power illumination.

It's A Powerhouse

The 20,800mAh battery and high-speed USB output recharge phones, tablets, speakers, cameras, and more.

Mount Up

Use it on tripods, or GoPro® and RAM® mounts to give it a lift and shine the light where you need.

Built For The Outdoors

640 Lumens

13-192hr Run Time

10 iPhone Charges



SOS Feature