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Navigating the new normal brings unique challenges in a post-pandemic world. Whether working in the frontlines or just waiting in line at the grocery store, we’re here to help when getting outside is necessary. Staying safe doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming with a little DIY attitude and GEAR AID products on hand.

Eye Protection

For those of us who wear glasses, safety goggles, or face shields, fogging is more than a nuisance – it’s a safety issue. As soon as you put on a mask, your glasses fog up. There’s a simple fix for this and it works instantly. Just apply GEAR AID Anti-Fog Spray or Op Drops for clear and clean lenses.

Face Masks

With face masks being required in many public places, the supply may not meet that demand, or it may get misplaced. We’re sharing our DIY knowledge in case a face mask is needed in a pinch. Simply use Tenacious Tape or a Sewing Kit and some old household items to build a temporary mask in minutes.

Anti-Fog Products

Keep your eyewear and face shields fog free.

DIY Mask

Make your own mask with simple supplies.

Problem: My Glasses Fog

My Glasses Fog

It’s a pesky problem when eyewear fogs up. Now it’s even more likely to happen when heading out the door wearing a mask. Use our Anti-Fog Spray or Op Drops™ to keep a variety of eyewear and protective lenses clean and fog-free. Both anti-fog formulas are alcohol-free and designed to prevent fogging on all types of lenses and optics including non-AR (anti-reflective) eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, and face shields.

Simple Anti-fog tips:

  • Spray both inside and outside lenses.
  • Apply two coats on the first use.
  • Buff with a lint-free cloth.
  • Wear a cloth mask instead of a paper mask.

Learn more about best practices to reduce fog while wearing a mask in our HELP center.

Learn More

During any type of activity, whether indoor or outdoor, clear vision is essential. Count on GEAR AID Anti-Fog Spray to keep a variety of eyewear and protective lenses clean and fog-free.

Op Drops Anti-fog and Lens Cleaner
Op Drops Anti-fog and Lens Cleaner

Clean and defog eyewear effectively with Op Drops™ Anti-Fog and Lens Cleaner. This 2-in-1 formula is gentle and alcohol-free, designed for all types of lenses and optics.

Problem: My Glasses Fog

I need to cover up.

Face coverings are now an essential accessory when leaving home. If a mask is unavailable, order a GEAR AID Original BUFF® or make a DIY mask using a t-shirt, Tenacious Tape (or our Sewing Kit), and some household supplies. Either way, it’s a fun way to be courteous and cover up in public.


The GEAR AID Original BUFF headwear protects the neck, face and head from harmful UV rays in the summer and from chilly temperatures during the winter.

DIY Mask Kit

Wearing a protective mask in public is now the new normal. In case it’s ever misplaced, or a family member needs a mask in a pinch, make one at home in just a few minutes.


1. Cut an 8" by 12" long piece of fabric. This can be new or from used fabric such as an old t-shirt or pillowcase. Ensure the fabric will adhere to the Tenacious Tape. 

2. Fold the fabric in half. Use an iron to set the fold lines into the mask fabric.

3. Fold to make pleats as recommend in the illustration below. Alternate folding of pleat front and back [1"folds]. Pin pleats at the edges. You should have three pleats total. Remove pins mask assembly.

4. Optional: Iron to set the pleats in the fabric.

5. Next, cut three pieces of Tenacious Tape: two 1.5"x3" and one 8"x1.5" rectangles. If you do not have a ruler, use the squares on the repair tape backer to calculate the size (two 6x12 squares + one 32x6 squares).

6. Next cut two 32" [2.5ft] cords of the 325 Paracord.

7. Cut a 6" piece of flexible wire and fold in half or unravel a paper clip that will conform to your nose.

Assemble the Mask

Using Tenacious Tape to assemble a safety mask will be faster, however, the sew method will produce a more durable mask. Here are the instructions for both no-sew and sew method.

1. Take two 1.5"x3" on the left and right edges of the mask with 3/4" of the Tenacious Tape under the fabric. Release the bottom half of the backer paper and position the tape. Be careful not to touch the adhesive with your fingers.

2. Do not fold over the tape yet. Release the upper half of the backer paper and peel off. Repeat for both sides.

3. Next, place your 325 Paracord vertically on the adhesive at the edge of the fabric. Fold over the sticky side and press into fabric. If you prefer sewing, fold the fabric over 1/2 inch along the short sides and hand-stitch down, using the Sewing Kit.

4. Next assemble the 1.5" x 8" piece of Tenacious Tape at the open edge of the fabric. Use the same method as Step 9.

5. Install Gear Aid Ellipse toggles at the ends of top and bottom 325 Paracord pairs. Use a lighter to melt the ends of the paracord, so it doesn't unravel.

6. When finished, your mask should look like this.


Mask Care

Handwash your DIY mask in warm water with detergent. Clean gently for two minutes and avoid pulling at tape edges. Air dry. If the tape comes off from the fabric, remove the old and add fresh Tenacious Tape to ensure mask performance.


  • Test a small piece of Tenacious Tape on your DIY fabric to ensure for adhesive compatibility.
  • Tape down ends of the roll of t-tape to make it easier to cut, it wants to spool up.
  • Avoid Excessive soaking and very hot water when washing the mask.
  • Use hair ties or elastic head bands in place of paracord.


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