Tenacious Tape Rug Fix Kit

Type: Tape / Patches
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Repair all types of horse blankets with the Rug Fix Kit. Use this kit as a waterproof way to seal tears and holes in seconds. Includes a seam sealant and urethane adhesive for flexible, long-lasting repairs. From tears, holes, broken seams, loose edging, and torn straps, the Rug Fix Kit will do the job.

  • Iron-On  Easily make heat-activated repairs at home with the included nylon patch (5 x 25 cm) that can be cut to size

  • PermanentPatch kit includes 7 g of Aquasure FD repair adhesive to provide a long-lasting, waterproof solution to rips and tears

  • Multipurpose – Fix tears, holes, broken seams and more to extend the life of horse blankets.