It’s annoying when eyewear fogs up. It’s even more likely to happen when wearing a face mask at the same time. Condensation from breathing can seep through the mask when not properly fitted on the face. Depending on the type of activity or face mask fabric, fogging may also occur more frequently. With our Anti-Fog Spray or Op Drops and the tips below, lenses can stay clean and fogging can be prevented or minimized.


  • Use breathable, reusable cloth masks when possible, instead of disposable, paper masks.
  • When wearing a paper mask, ensure nose fitting is tight to prevent air from seeping up to the eyes.
  • Adjust your breathing. Breathe into the mouth and breathe out of the nose.


  • Use Anti-Fog Spray or Op Drops on both the inside and outside of lenses.
  • Apply two coats during first use to “build up” a protective coating on the lenses. Repeat treatment as needed to improve performance over time.
  • Hold glasses at an angle and spray on anti-fog from 8”-12” away to allow the formula to lightly disperse across the lens.
  • Leave anti-fog on the lens for a couple of minutes then lightly buff with a lint-free cloth until clear.

Follow the above tips to see clearly when wearing face masks with non-AR (anti-reflective) eyeglasses, sunglasses, and safety glasses. Anti-Fog Spray and Op Drops also work on face shields, binoculars, and optics. To learn more about our different anti-fog formulas including those specifically designed for wet lenses and scuba/dive masks, read this HELP blog post.

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