Whether you're swimming laps, snorkeling, diving coral reefs, bird watching, or skiing, we have an anti-fog for you. Our Sea Gold, Sea Drops, Anti-Fog Spray and Op Drops formulas are hard-working anti-fogs for any adventure. Learn which product to use on your next trip.

Sea Gold is an anti-fog gel for SCUBA dive masks and snorkel masks. Sea Gold is a highly concentrated formula that will leave a long-lasting, protective coating, and is ideal for cold water diving and multiple dives. Sea Gold is typically applied wet and can be buffed into the lens. Sea Gold is not for use on swim goggles as it is a highly concentrated formula.

Sea Drops is a liquid anti-fog and lens cleaner for SCUBA dive masks and snorkel masks. It will remove the built-up dirt and debris, and provide a protective coating giving you crystal clear vision. Sea Drops is also typically applied wet, and can be buffed into the lens. Sea Drops is not for use on swim goggles.

Anti-Fog Spray is our all-purpose spray-on formula and can be applied to wet or dry lenses. Use it to defog all types of eyewear including swim goggles, SCUBA dive masks, snorkel masks, snow goggles, non-AR (anti-reflective) eyeglasses, sunglasses, binoculars, and face shields. It is the same formula as Op Drops.

Op Drops is a lens cleaner and anti-fog in one, ideal for dry lenses such as non-AR eyeglasses, safety glasses, face shields, binoculars and scopes.

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