You’ve probably heard all about our Tenacious Tape gear patches. The same great repair tape you know and love in fun shapes like Sasquatch and wildlife patches. Besides the obvious repair option, we’ve got some great ideas for how you can use them as patches for your clothes and gear.

  • Cover up a botched patch job. Getting a repair to look nice can be difficult to do. Especially if you’re in a rush. Sometimes you try your best and it just doesn’t come out looking as clean as you want it to. The remedy? Slap a patch over the top of it. Now instead of an ugly blob of glue, you’ve got a neat and clean patch.


  • Hide a stain. Spilled coffee on your favorite jacket and can’t wash it out? Add a patch to your coat! Use your favorite patch to disguise the coffee stain.
  • On your water bottle or coffee cup- All outdoor junkies know you’re only as cool as your most stickered item. Be it your Nalgene, your coffee thermos, even your cargo box on your car. Slap on that wolf or some stars to make your gear a little bit cooler.
  • On your tent- Help your tent stand out from others at a music festival or a busy campground. By customizing your tent with a Tenacious Tape Gear Patches scene, it’ll make finding it a whole lot easier than playing Marco Polo with your neighbors.

  • On your kid’s gear and clothes- To an outsider kids gear all looks the same. Don’t accidentally leave daycare with the wrong jacket. Let your kiddo choose their favorite patches and stick them on their jacket or backpack to make it easier to find at the end of the day.
  • As an abrasion patch- Heavy packs mean heavy wear and tear on your jackets and shirts. When your shoulder straps are abrading your jacket, a Tenacious Tape Tattoo can stop it from further damaging the material. We all know it’s better to prevent a hole instead of repair one after it’s already there. The larger patches like the squirrel (Camping) or the buffalo (Wildlife) are perfect for stopping that abrasion before it starts.

These Gear Patches are versatile, fun, and functional. The ultra-aggressive adhesive will stick to just about anything you put them on. They even stay stuck after a run through the dishwasher! Grab a pack and stick ‘em on.  What will you do with yours? 

Originally Published: Feb 16, 2015

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