Revivex Durable Water Repellent Spray provides high-performance durable water repellency (DWR) to technical fabrics and outerwear. Safe for use on waterproof breathable apparel and footwear, it will not interfere with breathability. Repels water, dirt and oils.


We recommend the following for application:

1) Begin by hand-washing or machine washing the garment with Revivex Pro Cleaner. Revivex Pro Cleaner is safe for use in HE machines. We recommend you use half the amount of detergent for HE machines.

2) Once clean, place the garment on a hanger and hang it.

3) Next, spray the wet garment with Revivex Durable Water Repellent spray. Give the garment a nice, even application. You know you are applying too much if you see the repellent streaming off the fabric.

4) Next, dry the garment as per the manufacturer’s recommendation or allow 48 hours to air dry.

5) Once dry, you should notice water repellency restored!


Don’t skip the wash! Before applying a water repellent to any fabric, it is essential that you begin by cleaning the material first. Dirt, body oils and residues will prevent a water repellent from functioning. The fabric must be clean in order to achieve the best water repellency and performance.

Picture a water repellent as millions of tiny hairs standing straight on end. When a bead of water falls from the sky, it lands on these “hairs” that are standing straight up and rolls right off. With time you start to get a build-up of dirt, body oils and residue on top of these “hairs.” Now they are no longer standing straight on end. Instead, they are now leaning over from the weight of the dirt and residue. So now when a bead of water falls from the sky, the tiny “hairs” are leaning over and the bead of water begins to wet through as opposed to rolling off the top.

In order for that water repellent to be effective we need to remove those residues so that the “hairs” can pop back up and stand straight up. That said, the fabric must be cleaned. But you can’t just use any type of detergent.

Typical “household” cleaners contain heavy suds, optical brighteners and fabric softeners which tend to leave behind additional residues further preventing those “hairs” from standing straight on end. In addition, those added suds, fabric softeners, etc. can clog your waterproof breathable pores. This is why it is essential that you use a clean-rinsing detergent on your technical fabrics. We recommend ReviveX Pro Cleaner.

To tell the truth, many times a garment that has been treated with a DWR does not need to be re-treated with an after-market water repellent. Instead, it typically just needs a good cleaning with a clean-rinsing detergent. Once you have rinsed those residues clean, you can usually place the garment in the dryer. The heat will cause those tiny “hairs” to pop back up and you should notice that water repellency is restored. If it is not restored after a good cleaning, you will need to re-treat with a water repellent like ReviveX Durable Waterproofing Spray.


  • 10.5 oz. treats 2-4 garments on average
  • Ideal for use on all fabrics (we recommend spot testing full-grain leather) including GORE-TEX fabrics and waterproof breathable membranes 
  • Repels water, oil and stains
  • PFOA & PFOS free
  • Air-powered sprayer is solvent free
  • Made in USA


Can you air dry Revivex Durable Water Repellent?

Yes, but please allow 48 hours for the repellent to set into the fabric.

Does Revivex Durable Water Repellent work on footwear?


Can I use Revivex Durable Water Repellent spray on leather and suede materials?

Whenever treating leather or suede fabrics it is extremely important that you spot test on an inconspicuous area of the garment first. Leather and suede are manufactured and treated in a number of different ways. Some suede or leather fabrics may stain or darken by simply adding water. So before applying anything to a suede or leather fabric (including water) you should always spot test first. 


Store in cool, dry place. Do NOT freeze. Freezing will impact performance.

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