It is important that you use a specialized cleaner for technical fabrics. Mass-market detergents contain additives such as foaming agents, optical brighteners, dyes, enzymes and fragrances known collectively as "surfactants" (shorthand for surface-active agents).

One of their effects: They reduce water's "surface tension" so detergent-infused water molecules bind more readily with oil and dirt than with other water molecules, loosening oil and dirt from fibers. The downside of surfactants: They can leave residues on fibers that can potentially impact fabric performance, particularly water repellency. They could even add a couple grams of weight to a garment. The advantage of specialized cleaning products: They are engineered to rinse away thoroughly without depositing residues.

Product Application

Follow instructions on garment care label. If unavailable, use the following guidelines:

Machine Wash: If possible using front loading washer.

  1. Close all zippers and Velcro tabs.
  2. Apply cleaner directly to heavily soiled areas.
  3. Add Revivex Pro Cleaner to empty washer using the chart below. Load items into washer.
  4. Wash using delicate cycle and warm water (see chart for water amount). See drying instructions below.

Can I Use Revivex cleaners in a High-Efficiency (HE) Washing Machine?

Revivex cleaners are low-sudsing and safe to use in HE washing machines.

Since HE machines use less water, less cleaner is required. HE machines use anywhere from 30-50% less water than a typical machine. You would want to use 30-50% less cleaner. Start by cutting the amount by 1/3, if you want, you can make the decision to cut by 1/2.

Hand Wash:

  1. Apply cleaner directly to heavily soiled areas.
  2. Fill sink (or tub for sleeping bags) with just enough warm water to submerge item (see chart below).
  3. Add Pro Cleaner to water using chart and stir to mix. Add garments.
  4. Soak item for 5 minutes. Wash by gently kneading all areas to remove dirt and stains.
  5. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear.
  6. See drying instructions below.




Machine Setting

Jacket or other garment

1/2 oz (1 capful)

1.5 gal per item

Small or Low

Sleeping Bag or comforter

2 oz (4 capfuls)

15-20 gallons

Large or High


Follow garment manufacturer's drying instructions. If unavailable, hang garments and lay sleeping bags flat to dry. Allow to air dry thoroughly before use or storage.

NOTE: Do not wash tent or backpacks. Spot clean only. For strong odors, treat with Revivex Odor Eliminator.

Many Uses of Revivex Pro Cleaner

Cleans all synthetic garments and sleeping bags including:

  • Outerwear with GORE-TEX fabric, eVent, and other waterproof breathable liners
  • Outerwear: Skiwear, Rainwear, Windwear, Soft Shells, Fleece
  • Technical activewear & sportswear
  • Synthetic Base Layers
  • Synthetic Fabric Accessories: Gloves, Gaiters
  • Synthetic Sleeping Bags
  • Fleece Sleeping Bag Liners & Blankets

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