Tenacious Tape Roll by GEAR AID is an all-purpose repair tape that fixes rips, holes and tears on both fabric and non-fabric surfaces. The Tenacious Tape Roll is unique in that it offers 5 feet of repair tape for longer tears or seams on a dispensable roll. In addition, the clean-adhesive technology allows you to remove or reposition the repair tape during the first 24 hours without leaving behind a sticky residue. Try that with duct tape.


We recommend the following for application:

1) Begin by cleaning the repair area with isopropyl alcohol to remove any dirt or body oils which may prevent a good bond. Trim any loose threads.

2) Cut out a patch with rounded corners that will overlap the repair area by at least 1/2'' in all directions.

3) Apply the Tenacious Tape patch over the rip, tear or hole.

4) Smooth out any bubbles and ensure the edges lay flat. The adhesive will reach full strength after 24 hours.

5) For large holes, repeat the above steps on the opposite side of the fabric.


Tenacious Tape is best applied to the following fabric types:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Vinyl
  • Canvas
  • Rubber
  • Bicast Leather (PU Leather)
  • Non-Oiled Leather
  • Vinyl Plastic (PVC)
  • TPU
  • EVA Plastic
  • PET Plastic
  • OPP Plastic
  • Sunbrella®


  • 1 ½’’ x 60’’ roll (5 feet of tape)
  • Utilizes PVC fabric
  • Ultra-agressive adhesive can be applied with finger pressure
  • Tape can be moved or repositioned within 24 hours without leaving behind a sticky residue
  • Sticks to almost any surface 
  • Can be used on silnylon for a temporary emergency field repair
  • Optimal operating temperature for initial adhesion = 50~104°F (10~40ºC)
  • Machine washable


There is a perforation that runs down the middle of the tape. Simply fold the tape on either side of the fold and remove the backing. It is best to peel away the backing from the top of the tape where the Gear Aid logo appears.


Place unused portion in container or bag and store in cool, dry place. 

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