Boots are one of the most important things when working. Your feet need to be protected, comfortable, and supported.

Generally heavy-duty leather is the best choice for the job. The only problem with leather boots is that sometimes the abrasion caused by dragging your boots across the ground wears down the leather, exposing the toe cap or even breaking completely through the leather exposing your toes.

Adding a toe cap to your boots with Aquasure SR Shoe Repair Adhesive is a great way to make your expensive boots last longer. 

To build a toe cap

  1. Thoroughly clean the boot with a specialized cleaner. We used Revivex Shoe and Boot Cleaner and a scrub brush. Give the toe cap area an additional cleansing with isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Create a tape barrier around the area that you will be painting on your toe cap.
  3. Paint on the prepared Aquasure SR to the toe of your boot. 
  4. Lay the boot on a flat surface to dry. After 30 minutes, remove the tape (so you don’t glue it to the boot) and allow 8-12 hours cure completely. 

Aquasure SR is a moisture cure, self-leveling, urethane adhesive that is highly resistant to abrasion and is unaffected by hot or cold (-20°F to +200°F). 

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