As much as you may enjoy “roughing it,” sleeping on rocky, uneven ground is unlikely to be your favorite pastime. House guests may also appreciate an inflatable air bed rather than crashing on your bare floor. So, when inflatable mattresses and sleeping pads get deflated, use an air mattress patch kit that works. Read on to learn how to make this essential fix for a comfortable night’s rest at home or at camp.

Inflatable Air Mattresses, Blow-Up Beds, and Sleeping Pads

Whether it’s inflated by your mouth, hand, or an electric pump, GEAR AID has just the right repair kit to patch a hole on your Coleman® air mattress, Therm-a-Rest® sleeping pad, and other inflatable sleep gear.

Before making a repair, be sure to check which kind of snoozing gear you have. Most air mattresses can be fixed with GEAR AID adhesives and Tenacious Tape Repair Patches. Even some large, inflatable air mattresses or blow-up beds used at home can be repaired this way. Just remember that Tenacious Tape Repair Patches alone may not be strong enough to hold the amount of PSI (pounds per square inch) associated with such heavy-duty repairs. On the other hand, lightweight, sleeping pads can quickly be patched up with Tenacious Tape by itself. It just depends on how much time you have to complete the repair.

Air Mattress Repair

Probably the most time-consuming part of fixing a leaky air mattress or sleeping pad is finding the hole. Once found, it can be patched up using Aquaseal FD, a waterproof adhesive that cures to a flexible, durable seal. It’s a multipurpose repair glue that will permanently fix inflatable beds for camp, travel, and home use.

Estimated Time: Prep and application: 30 minutes  |  Cure: 8-12 hours

  1. Locate the leak by spraying or pouring soapy water on the air- filled mattress or sleeping pad.
  2. Look for the soap bubbles. If you see bubbles rising after applying the water, dry this area and mark it with a pen or marker. Check the other side of the mattress or pad to see if the puncture went all the way through and out the other side.
  3. Once you have identified the leaks, deflate the air mattress or sleeping pad.
  4. Clean the repair area with isopropyl alcohol to remove any dirt or body oils that may prevent a good bond. 
  5. Once clean and dry apply a thin layer of Aquaseal FD over the leak, extending at least 0.5” in all directions of the rip, tear, or hole. Allow adhesive to fully cure level (8-12 hours) before blowing up the mattress and using it.

Sleeping Pad Repair

When in the backcountry or outdoors, you may not have the luxury of waiting 8-12 hours for adhesive to dry. That’s why we’ve included two Tenacious Tape Repair Patches (clear and black nylon) in the Aquaseal FD Repair Kit.

For a faster air mattress or sleeping pad fix, follow the same instructions noted above along with the additional steps below with Tenacious Tape.

  1. Like the Air Mattress Repair instructions, locate the leak first with soapy water, deflate sleeping pad, and clean the repair area with isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Aquaseal FD over the leak, extending at least 0.5” in all directions of the hole. After application, wait 20-30 minutes for the Aquaseal FD to level out and become tacky.
  3. Apply the Tenacious Tape Repair Patch over the curing adhesive. Make sure the patch adheres directly to the dry air mattress or sleeping pad fabric, extending at least 0.5’’ beyond the Aquaseal FD adhesive.
  4. Press repair patch firmly onto the air mattress. Your sleeping pad is now ready for use. 

Pro Tip: If you don’t have soap, fully submerge the item underwater, compress, and look for bubbles being released around the leak site.

Now that you’ve fixed the leak, enjoy a good night's rest wherever you may be. With the Aquaseal FD Repair Kit, a leaky air mattress or sleeping pad will be just a faint memory. 

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