Packing Tip

Proper Backpack Weight Distribution:
A. Small, “Quick Access” Items i.e.: sunblock, head lamp, etc.
B. Heavy Weight Items i.e.: food, water, fuel, etc.
C. Light Weight Items i.e.: rain gear, clothing, etc.
D. Medium Weight Items i.e.: tent, ground sheet, etc.
E. Sleeping Bag


Ultralight Tip

To dramatically reduce the weight of your fully loaded backpack get the weight of your “Big 3” gear items down. The “Big 3” are your tent, sleeping bag and backpack (empty) combined.

Backpacking Tip

Steps to Lifting a Backpack
1. Lift to bent knee. 
2. Slide onto one shoulder while swinging slowly around and slide other arm in opposite strap. 
3. Fasten hip belt, then snug up other straps and off you go!

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