If you work in the woods, on a farm, or in the country, chances are good that you’ve seen or even own a pair of Romeos.  Romeos are the go to footwear for those who want something durable, water resistant, and easy on/off.  They are tough enough to wear on the job site, but comfortable enough to wear while doing chores or running errands.

Because of their versatility, Romeos take a beating. The biggest issue people encounter is deterioration or uneven wear of the rubber sole. To save a pair of Romeos (and some cash) you can rebuild your boot sole with Aquasure SR. We used the black colorant kit for a matching repair.

To rebuild the soles of your Romeos you’ll need the following materials:

  • Aquasure SR Shoe Repair Adhesive 
  • Masking or painter’s tape
  • Rock salt (for traction)

How to rebuild the sole of your Romeos (or any boot really):

  1. Thoroughly clean the boot with a gentle cleaner like Revivex Boot Cleaner and a scrub brush. Use rubbing alcohol after the cleaner to ensure the area is clean.                                                                               
  2. Create a tape barrier around the area that you will be repairing. Pay close attention to the area where you will be building up the heel, and make sure it goes high enough to support the Aquasure SR.
  3. Apply the Aquasure SR to the area you want to build up. We had to fill a few holes in the heel, so we used the brush to push the glue into the holes.
  4. Once you’ve applied enough glue to level the sole, sprinkle some rock salt on it. The rock salt creates grooves and pockets that aid in traction when dry.                                                                                                     
  5. Set the boot in a flat area to dry. After 30-45 minutes (when the glue is set and slightly tacky), remove the tape barrier so that you don’t glue the tape to your boots.
  6. Boot will be completely dry after 24 hours and ready to wear. You can pick out the rock salt, or just let it wear off naturally.

TIP: To restore shine and richness to the leather after you’ve washed it, apply a waterproofing conditioner like Revivex Leather Water Repellent.

This repair technique applies to all footwear, not just Romeos. Got a pair of cowboy boots with a worn heel, or a pair of sandals with a floppy sole? Go ahead and use Aquasure SR on those too!

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