We make bringing your tent back to life easy as pie. Before your next trip, pull your tent out of storage and set it up in the back yard. Give your tent a once over and take note of the following things:

Does it stink?

If your tent is stinky, you’ll need to give it a quick bath in a deodorizer.

Is it Waterproof?

If your seam tape is peeling or your seams are no longer waterproof, you’ll need to apply some seam sealer.

Are there holes in the tent?

If you set your tent up too close to the fire last trip and burned a hole in your fly with a stray ember or snagged it on some bramble bushes, you’ll want to use some tape to patch it up.

Can you spot any torn mesh?

Accidentally catch your mesh in your zipper? Slap a Tenacious Tape patch on the tear to keep those pesky mosquitos out of there.

Floor or fly coating peeling or sticky?

If the peeling polyurethane coating is making your tent look like it’s recovering from a bad sunburn, you’ll want to reproof those surfaces with a new urethane coating.

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