We partnered with Recover Brands to offer the classic hoodie with a modern twist and purpose. GEAR AID merchandise now includes the cozy hooded sweatshirt. Made from plastic water bottles and fabric scraps by Recover, these stylin’ hoodies don’t just look good, they’re also good for the environment.

Celebrating Earth Month 

Purchase this upcycled hoodie for $45 and we’ll donate $5 of each sale from April to Conservation Northwest.

“We are stoked to be part of this exciting fashion movement since it aligns perfectly with our mission to repair, renew, and reuse all types of gear.” 
~ Cheriss Faiola, GEAR AID Marketing Manager 

How It's Made:

Each GEAR AID hoodie is made from 14 recycled plastic bottles and salvaged cotton scraps. There is also no dye in the fabric. The absence of dyes and using cotton scraps helps Recover save 90% of the water that would normally be required to produce just one regular cotton t-shirt. Watch Recover’s manufacturing process below to learn more about how they make their products.

Video courtesy of Recover Brands 

Why Upcycle Plastic and Reuse Fabric?

According to the Earth Day Network, an estimated 50 billion plastic bottles get consumed in the USA each year. Plastics are now ever-present in our oceans and even in the most remote islands. While every second, one garbage truck full of textiles is burned or sent to landfills (Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation). These are staggering figures and a growing global problem. Thankfully, there are innovative businesses, like Recover, that are tapping into what would normally be considered waste; turning discarded materials into stylish and functional clothing. “We are stoked to be part of this exciting fashion movement since it aligns perfectly with our mission to repair, renew, and reuse all types of gear,” says Cheriss Faiola, GEAR AID marketing manager. 

Image courtesy of Recover Brands

About Recover Brands

Based in Charlotte, NC, Recover began in 2010 when two biking buddies wanted to “create the best, most environmentally friendly and socially responsible products possible.” It’s a bold mission based on sustainability with a focus on upcycling plastic bottles and recycling discarded fabric. With sales across the United States and a growing international demand, Recover is proof that a successful business can also be an environmentally-conscious organization.


Since 2010, Recover has saved:  

Statistics courtesy of Recover Brands

Proceeds Benefit our Wild Spaces

With each GEAR AID hoodie purchase, we’ll donate $5 to Conservation Northwest during the month of April to celebrate Earth Month. Conservation Northwest is a non-profit that helps “restore wildlands and wildlife from the Washington Coast to the British Columbia Rockies.”



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